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Band Members
emciv aka c4 and m.i.c. emcee aka mikey oh
we have supported the likes of clandestien, pegz and munkimuk as well as the nurcha records roster including natural causes, double n big lu, last credit, mind over matter, dj illa, and coptic soldier…
basically… we just out to have some fun… come join us with the laughs…
– mikey oh and C4 have known each other since like forever and have been making hip hop for the past four years. with shows scattered here and there in the pages of history they are slowly growing a reputation for being rowdy and energetic performers. there is no doubt that an LP is coming out of the works very shortly, all be it a rough and dirty version due to lack of resources, funds and experience. but the music is fun. i’m tired of talking about us like i’m not us. enjoy.