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Nicholas Clifton is a hiphop artist based out of Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia. With a combination of concious rap and positive vibes, he seeks to push his message across the Territory and all over the country.

Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Nicholas William Clifton is an aspiring hip-hop performer residing in Darwin, Northern Territory. After many years of culminating a mixture of pure lyricism, imagery and scheme, with a colourful mash of the three pressed deeply into his music, he moves forward with his music with a single goal in mind; to create a platform in his home city to allow both young and old hip-hop enthusiasts to perform and grow.
Set to release his debut EP ‘Labyrinth’ in late 2017, Clifton is determined to make an impact on his local scene, with one clear message in mind. Overcoming mental barriers and obstacles has become something of a passtime for Nicholas, and he shares his battles with his torn mentality through his lyrics, pushing both pride and doubt in every word.