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Coerce grew up around musicians and picked up a musical talent at an early age, loved all aspects of music and wanted to keep making more in hope of discovering a new sound. After moving back and forth between Jurien Bay and Perth he and his family finally decided to set up in Perth in late 2010. He experimented with various types of music from punk and metal to folk and blues, but always had an unconditional love for Hip-Hop. Coerce started making beats and writings raps in high school at age 15 and has stuck with it ever since. Coerce has progressed so much within the past years and has crafted his content, style, delivery, stage presence and flow to a point where people have no choice but to stop, turn around and engage in such a unique and undeniably mind melting performance.


Performed at After Dark 2019 alongside Kogz & Rob Shaker, Coerce, Diabetik, Dekstah, Distrakt, Elliot Ness & Zeffer, Mellodian & Optimystic, Phatsoe & Ernah, 5Past, Ricky B & Uncool Sam On The Decks.