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Afro Percussive, World Music inspired by Hip Hop and Traditional culture.

Band Members
Sensible J
N’fa Jones
Lamine Sonko
Nui Moon
New Afro-funk outfit Cool Out Sun burst onto the scene with an explosion of introspective, retrospective soul-food you didn’t know you need a serve of. The all-star line up boasts some of the most influential names in Australian music inviting you to wake up, cool down and just do you….
Comprised of the kids that won’t put the drum sticks down in class. Composers taunting a treble clef to throw a few more notes on the stave. The beats are provocative, the lyrics powerfully imaginative; Cool Out Sun are a creation of free, emotive escape unravelling the worlds complexities…
Lamine Sonko (The African Intelligence / Public Opinion Afro Orchestra), Sensible J (Remi), N’fa Jones (House of Beige) and Nui Moon (one of Australia’s leading percussionists contributing in far too many outfits to list), the collaborative push boundaries in Hip Hop, infusing world music with an inclusive Afro heart beat we invite you, to vibe to…