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The international Australian collaboration project, D-Stellar, serve up an eclectic blend of hip hop, electro, pop and rock. The duo began to fuse their creative forces in the summer of 2016, amalgamating and synthesising their respective Rock ’n’ Roll and Hip Hop worlds into an elaborate concoction of breathtaking sounds.
D-Stellar seamlessly combine head-banging, ass-shackin’ tunes, with an undeniable rhythmic flow of intelligent lyrical content and adventurous production that incorporates everything from nit-picks of classic old school hip hop, to Rock ’n’ Roll sliding guitars and 80’s electro-pop. Against a backdrop of production and live performance, whilst breaking the boundaries of multiple genres, they deliver a tangible and refreshing music experience and leave their audience salivating for more. The sum of their music represents a fusion of traditional concepts with otherworldly and experimental features.
Keeping hip hop and rock n roll elite.