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D7’z and the E-Town Boyz are a six strong Indigenous Hip Hop group from three remote Indigenous communities in the Barkly region of the NT; Ampilatwatja, Epenarra and Elliott.
They formed in 2014 as apart of Barkly Regional Council’s youth diversion program with Hip Hop music producer, Monkey Marc.
This year they have been carving a deep track in Central Australia killing it festivals such as Wide Open Space, they are truly a Hip Hop group like nothing Australia has seen before.


D7’z – Hill Boyz and the E-town Boyz
A Barkly wide youth diversion ongoing project from Barkly Regional Council which spans many
languages, many kilometers and entering five years of ongoing mentoring and tuition, this act is a
collection of 6 young men from three Barkly communities; Ampilatwatja, Wutunugurra and Elliott of
the NT, Central Australia. These songs represent the hard lives of which these young men live.
Growing up in Central Australia is very hard and the stories contained within the songs reflect the
challenges that these young men face.
Strong messages and representing culture and a strong connection to land these songs stay true
to their cultural identities and bring cultural stories to the new generations.


band members

Preston Payne MC Cleveland Holmes MC Richard MC Jedda MC Alex Butler MC Justin Rankine MC