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There was a shift in the music I was DJ’ing at some point, where I went from playing house music to electronic to beat-based hip-hop to straight hip-hop. At the same time, I had done announcer training at 102.1FM 4ZZZ and was welcomed with wide open arms to co-host the all Australian show The Amplifier.

“When I heard the Hip Hop show that was running was coming to an end, I banded together with two fellow hip-hoppers at the station (Dan and Liam) and we all brought together our completely different perspectives on the Brisbane hip-hop scene to make Pass The Aux which is Thursdays 9pm-11pm every week. Through having guests every week, I really felt I knew all of the hidden crevices in Brisbane’s hip hop scene but it’s growing at such a rapid rate lately it’s almost impossible to keep up with. I am consistently blown away with how much talent we have in our community.”