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As a duo, Deadbeat and Hazy have been in the Hip Hop scene for about 5 years. They’re notorious for their big bass beats and acid-flashback inducing live shows. The pair has opened for: The Game, Daily Meds, TZU, Citizen Kay, She Rex, Suburban Dark and Astronautalis. It’s been a year since Deadbeat and Hazy (DBHZ) released their third EP ‘Ghosts’. But the two, thought to be lost in the eternal haze and cesspools of fermenting hops, have once again emerged bringing the noise. This time, they bring with them two new members, bass guitarist Tom ‘The Cone Slaying Red Wizard’ and Mick, who plays the drums. As a band, DBHZ has managed to capture the sound of a rolling tsunami and forge a medley of big bass Hip Hop, Stoner Doom and Dub. The first release ‘Deadbeat’ is a re-release of its Hip Hop predecessor featured on their debut album Baked not Fried. The heavy instrumentation gives the lyrics a more primal and raw feel. The track deals with themes of apathy and inaction of modern humanity.