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Dedlee – ’32 Lines’
Dedlee, the kid from the pines I got 32 lines to demonstrate I wreck minds with my rhymes! – Funkoars

Dedlee “32 Lines”

Dedlee: I was supposed to be the first person to record for the RDC comp, and I ended up being the last. Prowla said, ‘We’re gonna do this compilation. Everyone seemed to like 3 Strikes, [from Prowla’s Money Walks EP] so you’ve gotta do it.’ I got some ideas together and I had an eye on that beat, because Prowla was gonna use the beat on Money Walks. It was supposed to be used for Verbal Control, ‘cos I heard him rapping the verse over the beat over the telephone and thought, ‘This is unbelievable!’ When we started talking about the RDC compilation I said, ‘Is that beat free? That’s a monster loop.’

More and more people got their stuff down and I was still muckin’ around with my verses. Once the last person had recorded, Prowla said. ‘We might not be able to get you on. We’ve only got two minutes of side A left.’ I said, ‘Two minutes is all I’d need.’ It was originally three verses that got chopped together very quickly. We went to my workplace at the time – an AM radio station – and recorded. I did some terrible cuts, using one of those Gemini mixers with the worst fader you’ve ever seen, at the radio station as well. After it was done, I was like, ‘I dunno if that’s a track?’ It was very much a last-minute affair.

Featured on 15.Oz Vinyl – 15 Years Of Australian Hip-Hop On Vinyl released in 2004 on Crookneck Records