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Standing center stage amongst his sound is the unique deep tone that could only be Demolition, along with an array of melodies and hooks blended within a rhyming scheme that keeps listeners tuned in to his clever and intricate story telling.

As a performer you can expect to see an artist that doesn’t hold back on stage no matter the crowd or venue and hear a freshly polished set of your favorite, or new favorite, tunes from his latest works, as seen while supporting the likes of Cortext, Paulie P, Bam Bam, Manaz Ill and Greeley, Downsyde, SBX, Butterfingers, Obie Trice, Swifty(D12) and more.

With the release of his first album “Faith In The Frequencies” Demolition showed his ability to work with artists of all types from the scene, such as Tys & Mitchell James, Shaye Bianchi, Cortext, Kogz, The SBX General him self Mc Optamus and more. As a co Founder of The Manhattan Project hip hop crew, Demolition has been locked away not only working on a group album but is also on the verge of releasing his latest solo project, the first single off of the latest album, Weekend Nights, features fellow Manhattan Project member Richo Kidd and the lovely and extremely talented Megan Evans.