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Sleeping Monk, Loko 1, Smokin’ Jondes, Robbie Randall, Jimmy the Hand, R-Type, Dave, Bang

Dirtbox Kings represent that hard yakka hip-hop with a do it yourself aesthetic, preaching the philosophy of funk in a dissident voice. They don’t dance unless it’s standing in a B-Boy stance. Comprised of eight multi-tasking members, Smokin Jodes, Jimmy the Hand, R Type, Sleeping Monk, Loko One, Robbie Randal, Banga and Dave Mathematics, the Dirtbox Kings are rolling posse deep, here to kick up dust with their self titled debut album. They don’t just make hip-hop, they’re made from it. These blue-collar street scholars have united and ignited to bring forth a fun filled, homegrown, raw style of hip hop with impeccable skills and professional presentation. This album is packed with over 20 explosive songs of left leaning, sharp tongued wordsmiths throwing punch line combos over low end, body rocking, break fuelled backing tracks, all decorated with scratched up sonic sound landscapes. These hip hop geeks with a gangster lean have been involved in all areas of the local hip-hop scene for more than a decade. Collectively, the crew has over 15 releases with hundreds of gigs under their belts, clocking up years of overtime paying their dues.