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Hailing from South-East Tasmania, Australia, The Dirturtles craft a unique style of melodic hip- hip.

Comprising of two Emcees, Primitive & Martian also alongside their tasty producer Hot Cheddar, these three have been working together since early ‘2012’ and have since released their debut the ‘Out of the Shell EP’ in July 2014. 

  • The Dirturtles began their journey as a local Hip-Hop act from the South-East regions of Hobart, Tasmania.

    The boys quickly gained attention all over their home state with their debut ‘The Out of the Shell’ EP and managed to debut their first ever show at the 2014-15 Falls Festival local stage. They have since supported the likes of Seth Sentry, Maundz, L-Fresh the Lion and Dylan Joel as well as playing and setting up shows for other local artists at venues all over the island state.

    From what began as a couple dudes making beats and having a spit slowly, but surely formed into a movement of loyal followers that not only came with the music, but the lifestyle and mutual love for anything that involves a creative process.

    Dirturtles are a cult paving the foundations in a hope that we can help anyone else out whether it be musically, promotionally or even emotionally. If you fuck with our music or support our team, then you are and forever will be a Dirty Turtle.

    Email for beats/recording/features or even just a friendly yarn.

    Much love, #DT

band members
Otis Que DJ Hot Cheddar

Horrorshow, Loose Change, K21, Hilltop Hoods, One Day, Mantra, Josh Pyke, Urthboy, Thundamentals, Lunar C, The Roots, Vents, Flume, Brother Ali, Onra, Jose Gonzalez, Jebediah, Jack White, Mathas

unearthed artists we like
ODC, Leo Creighton, Def Manic, Snakadaktal, Akouo, Ta-ku, Slumberjack, Close Counters, The White Rose Project, LEWES, Chase City


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