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Adam Mosca, better known by the stage name Dispraze, is an Australian Hip-Hop artist from Hobart. He was introduced to Hip-Hop culture through beat boxing and break dancing as a child.
In 2013 Dispraze released his first project titled “Enough Of These Shackles”. This was an EP that was produced entirely by Dispraze with only one guest feature.
1 year later, in the tail end of 2014, Dispraze released his second EP titled “Expected To Fall”. This was a 6 track project that was again written, recorded and produced solely by Dispraze. The hard hitting, diverse, yet distinct production mixed with clever lyricism and potent subject matter had these projects stand out.
In July of 2018, Dispraze, once again independently dropped another project titled “Rejecting Your Reality”. This time being a 14 track debut album that was self produced, recorded and mixed. This album reveals some of Dispraze’s most personal work. With “dreamy” but “punchy” production and well thought out lyrics, DIspraze conveys an array of emotions and moments on this album that are like no other. Speaking on social issues and concerns to braggadocios styles of rap and then songs of a more personal nature, they’re not many emcees that can be so diverse and yet so convincing with each style. Everything on this album has a unique feel, but all ties together beautifully. You get a sense that he spent a lot of time crafting these songs but without losing that “lightning in a bottle” feel.
Pushing his lyrics with an energetic flow, interesting topics and no pretense, this is an emcee to look out for.