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Back in days I rolled with @cr534 DJ Nosee and @therealdjbacon under the name Microphonics. 2Buck used to bring us up to Syd for Cop It at the Clare Hotel. Hip Hop was def in the building. Posted by • @2buck TBT early 2s … COP IT!!! Bingethinkers were “Critical Mass” for a month or so… couple of gigs under the moniker before we switched up the thought patterns … my brother Calski came up from Melbourne with his 2000XL and shut it down w Nosee. Mad but hazy memories… I Do Remember this party had huge 3D styrofoam pieces by Sydney KOC kings  Caib & Sayno liquid nailed to the back wall of the beer garden … stage was made outta milkcrates… rappers, writers, royalty and problem children were at these parties catching mad wreck… shit was live!  -= 22/11/2019