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It is my great honour to speak about Angus, on behalf of his parents and extended family.

To begin with, I’m going to read a brief outline of his early life which Bobbie has written, then an extract of the biography on his own My Space blog. Then I’d like to share some of my own thoughts as someone who has known him all his life.


Angus was born on Saturday, 18th October 1969, on his due date. The family have always joked about how organised Bobbie was to have a baby on time!

When he was 15 months old Bobbie and Graham sailed to the United Kingdom where Graham was taking up a civil engineering scholarship to supervise bridges being built over the M62 .

They lived for three months in London before moving up to Yorkshire to live in a caravan on the site of the M62 . Like many small children, and boys in particular, Angus was fascinated by the huge machines involved in building the motorway, and was often found wandering over to them, and having to be brought back. He was always a bit of an absconder.

Angus was 3 and a half when they returned to Australia. During his childhood he developed many passions. He was always drawing, cartooning, making up comic books and it was clearly obvious that he was headed for a creative future. He solved the Rubik’s cube in a flash and made books of solutions, with drawings to show how it was done.

He developed skills in juggling with clubs, balls and rings and offered his services as
‘A Juggler for Hire’. He joined a theatre group run by John Dommett where he trained on Saturday mornings and became a uni cycling Juggling clown for a time. As a result of this opportunity Angus was invited down to Albury/Wodonga to train with Circus Oz and the Fruit Flies under instruction from Chinese acrobats.

Angus and his cousin Peter Besley later had a career as young teenagers busking in the Queen Street Mall, juggling, uni cycling and fire breathing. The fire breathing was a bit of a worry to the parents, but they earned $60 a week performing at an Italian Restaurant, and that seemed pretty good at the time.

He also loved playing Rugby for Wests Toowong with his Besley, Roberts and Bright cousins, and it was to be a passion all his life. Early on, Angus also developed a strong social conscience about many issues, particularly indigenous Australians and people with a disability.

But as we all know, music was his great love…he felt that he was put on the earth for the music.

And this is an extract From ANGUS’S My Space BLOG

DJ Bribe first commenced DJing at the age of 16 in his bedroom like most aspiring DJs of today mainly focusing on scratching hip hop and funk.. Coming from Brisbane, Angus was more then ever determined to gain national recognition and put Brisbane on the national map. He accomplished this rapidly and by 1990 had won a succession of highly competitive DJ competitions, and had supported and trained with DJs from international Hip Hop acts such as public enemy, Ice-T, Run DMC and DJ Scratch

By this time Angus was being considered as one of Australia’s most technically proficient DJs. This led to DJ Bribe (AKA DJ Angus) being in constant demand all over the county for the next decade and he was once described by Melbourne’s Richie Rich as “by far Australia’s best DJ”.

As well as playing around the country, Angus was resident radio DJ at 4ZZZ on their dance show for 8 years on Saturday nights, Brisbane’s most popular, original and only true dance show. DJ Bribe is by many considered to be the first proper scratcher/turn ‘tableist in Australia-way ahead of his time and he still keeps his skills on the dex sharp daily. His skills are near perfect, and his ability to motivate crowds insightful.

I have left out some of the detail here.

Now I’d like to share some thoughts of my own about Angus Warrick Galloway.

Angus was highly intelligent. This is not surprising, being the child of two gifted people with distinguished academic records. However, he chose ‘The road less travelled”, and as Robert Frost went on to say in his famous poem, “And this has made all the difference”.

He had a quicksilver mind and personality, but he would only apply them to what interested him. When he was captivated by something, he stayed with it, not until he was GOOD at it, but until he was an absolute master. Things that didn’t interest him got absolutely no attention at all. This includes schooling.

He genuinely didn’t care at all what other people thought he SHOULD be doing. He single-mindedly followed his own interests. I think, in the end, however, he was increasingly sad that those of us who were close to him weren’t so interested in, or even attributed a lot of value to, the things he was so passionate about.

Angus had a big heart, and very generous spirit. He was non-judgemental. I don’t remember hearing him say those sort of remarks about people ever. He was also generous with things. I loved reading on the “Inthemix” forum this entry: “He’d give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it.”

From the time he was little, he was a showman and an entertainer, as you can see from the early photographs. He was physically wonderfully quick and adept, particularly with his hands. He was very handsome and had a most beautiful smile. He also had a gorgeous, truly zany sense of humour. He had a number of significant long-term relationships and I have spoken to some of his old girlfriends in the last few days, all of them in tears. He was greatly loved by his friends and he was a very loyal friend himself.

Yet Angus was actually very modest in his dealings with the family. He never really tried to make us understand how highly regarded he was as a DJ and musician in his own field. I think I am typical of the older generation in that I regret deeply that I didn’t make it my business to find this out for myself.

He was a mixture of great self-confidence and the complete lack of it. He had great confidence in his particular skills, but knew also that there were a lot of things he had neglected that were highly regarded in the world, and that put him at a disadvantage. I think this weighed on him more and more as time went by.

AND- let it be said-from the time he left school, he was a huge risk taker and this caused him great suffering.

I would now like to pay tribute to Angus’s parents, Bobbie and Graham.

First to Bobbie.

We who have been around Bobbie in the last few days, have been overwhelmed. Every picture he ever drew, every note he ever wrote, has been kept. Every detail of his life has been recorded in photo albums. Her pride in him was enormous, and I can only recall a few plaintive comments from time to time about “Why didn’t people ask about Angus’s achievements, even though they were different, whilst they were busily listing off their own children’s more conventional ones.”

And now to Graham.

On the day Angus died, when he was reeling with shock, Graham said to me. “He was all I ever wanted, just exactly the way he was. We were getting there. We were making progress.”

He loved Angus totally and gave him unconditional support in every way he knew how. Like his son, he has a warm generous heart.


Having said these things I must acknowledge the hard road his parents have travelled giving this unconditional love and support.

They have dreaded this death, and lived with the possibility of it for the best part of twenty years. The toll this has taken of them I can only leave to your imagination. He was their only child.

I would like to finish speaking by reading you one of the contributions to the In the Mix Forum made by member Cosmo Cater and I would like to thank Cosmo Cater, because it sums up his career perfectly.

“It’s taken me a while to post in this thread because reading it greatly upsets me, but it is also extremely heartening to see the way Angus touched people, and so many of them. He was indeed larger than life.

His talent was such that he inspired a legion of DJs. I’m sure many have a similar tale, but after following the talented DJ Angus for years through my teens, a friend finally introduced us. I babbled incoherently like a nervous child meeting the Queen. Half an hour later, Angus told me I should start DJing. It was one of life’s turning points: within a week I had decks and a burning determination. To say he was an inspiration is an understatement.

Many people have paid testament to his scratching. It was indeed phenomenal and better than world-class. His musicality was also amazing: not many DJs can lay claim to being able to play funk, soul, disco, hip hop, Chicago house, Detroit techno, hardcore rave and more; and do it so masterfully with such knowledge.

Massive respect to Scott and Troy for getting the ball rolling with putting Angus’ mixes online, having his memory live on through his music is fitting. On that note, if anyone reads the Bluelight forums and is in touch with the user “Wizz Fizz”, please ask them if they have kept their Angus mixes that they posted in 2005 – the web link no longer works and it looks like they don’t post any more.

Angus: Always imitated, never duplicated. Brother from another mother. A freakishly talented, charismatic individual. A loyal friend. And the best DJ. The very best DJ.

My sincere condolences to his family


In the 90’s Australia’s best DJ by far was DJ Angus. He put Brisbane on the dance scene map throughout the world. I grew up with this guy, listening to his stuff and his unbelievalbe and legendary scratchin’.

Even though I hadn’t heard of him for ages now it still saddens me about his death. He and only he made me fall in love with dance music and the whole DJ’ing scene.

It was an honour and such pleasure to watch him on the decks at dance parties or on any given Friday Nite at the beat.

I remember once he was mixing and scratchin’ blind (the monitor in the mixer wasn’t working so he couldn’t cue the next song to beat mix) but he managed and nobody knew that there was a problem.

He really was a legend, never met him but he really did a lot for the dance scene in this city and also in this country.

Had the chance to meet him once but was too afraid to go up to him. I regretted it then and I still regret it now, I always wished I’d gone and said hello to him.

Best DJ that this city and country will ever see. I remember reading an article once saying that if things would of panned out for him he could of become one of the greatest DJ in the world. He was held in high regard by alot of DJ’s from overseas that were truly amazed by his mixing and scratchin’ talents so much so they asked him to work on various tracks of theirs.