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My foray into Hip Hop started in 1983 with artists like Afrika Bambatta & The Soul Sonic Force, Cold Crush Bros, Sugar Hill Gang, Break Machine and The Smurff etc… Started b.boying then in 1987 got into graff and DJ’ing playing in clubs, ghetto jams (real ghetto) had to set up decks and pa in ware houses, parks, in door arenas over 400 gigs since I started. I am one of the first underground hip hop DJs to start in Perth with hip hop group Def Threat and my first concert support DJ for Tone Loc in 1987 with Mc Sugar Ray. Released the first Perth hip hop album with Sugar Ray in 1988 on tape done in my bed room on a 4 TRACK TAPE DECK worth $1000 with all the sampling done manually can get a mad pc now 4 that & with a $20 mic, ghetto style. 4 all the new cats in Perth who say they are old skool now u know who is ”Cut Nice & Sugar Ray”, did lots of shows than any other MC or DJ in Perth, we ruled back then 4 real. Also teemed up with Money J (rapper) producing 2 tracks, shows and a video clip.Then 1988 jamed 4 Telethon, 1990 came first in DMC, 1991 came 2nd in DMC, 1992 2nd again, 1992 on wards did lots of shows with Skippy 2 Smooth plus Perth Wami, 1995 Beastie Boys, 1996 Funk Fest Perth, 1997 Big Day Out 4 (DownSyde) and a gig down south, 1998 Snopp Dog concert, 1999 Public Enemy, 2001 Ugly Duckling, 2003 Rock Steady Crew. Worked with lots of artists 4 gigs, studio work & production. Hosted Perth’s first Hip Hop radio station ”Scratch Fm” from 1987 to 1992. Since 1999 being going very strong in my studio no more 4 track producing Break Beats, Hip Hop Breaks, Funk Breaks, Electro Breaks, B.Boy Breaks, Remixing tracks and a very small amount of Hard House and Dance. I spend a considerable amount of time in the studio working on different styles of productions and arrangements. I like being open minded creating never ending unique and indiviual compositions, so my tracks don’t have the same kick and snare sound to it, which I hear too often with groups who are signed. Comfort zone they are in ”mannn” make the best of it when signed, damm…anyway adding different sounds or mellodies to it and also rocking the beat patten a must using imported single sounds using 3kicks, 3snares, 2-3hi hats, kick bass etc, on top of other sounds I will use and add into the drum matrix, then create a beat patten with various changes, then depends may use a old classic or fat track sample over my beat patten manipulating it to make it sound different and intreating. I have produced over 300 Break Beats from basic beats to well produced beats and still going strong and will never stop and will like to start getting my music out there so people can listen to them, been TOLD should get my music out there. Any way thanks 4 reading my write up and my winge on signed groups in Perth who use old school as an accesory to benifit their ego. Stay real, be down 2 earth, respect others. Check out my, ”MySpace Profile” and listen to lots more of my tracks and mega mix remixed mixes, also footage on Hip Hop culture, with video footage, video editing, graphics and of course music production by me. Click the url link above where it says (Artist Website)…… PeAcE…… “Cut-Nice”.
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