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  • 2005 Tasmanian DMC champion
  • It’s a new world for DJ’s, many are left behind in the wake of those who are willing to embrace new technology and partner it with traditional, well honed skills. Able to mix, mash, cut and chop any material seen fit to keep the party alive, Dameza’s mixed media shows are an instant go-to for festivals, unique collaborations and showcase artistic events. Some of which include Redbull, Ten Days on the Island, Mona Foma/ Dark Mofo plus the highly coveted position of MONA’s own resident DJ. Running state of the art audio and video programs, Drum Machines and the most recent professional DJ equipment Dameza performs his traditional no holds barred turntablist / party rocking / mashup style but with the added immersive element of real-time mixed visuals, live video cameras and complex lighting. With the main focus being a good time, his engaging on stage persona and a multi faceted show have lead to being able to collaborate with live digital artists, instrumentalists and even street artists.
    Blending everything from the last 40 years of music, big screen, television, the vast depths of the internet and digital art and animation, his shows are always appealing across the board, sometimes tailored with an underlying ‘theme’ but they always are fast paced, energetic and unpredictable. This in conjunction with Dameza’s serious skill set on the turntables, live drums, original production and crowd hyping ability leads to a party only a few in Australia are touted as being able to provide.
    His reputation has continued to spread, both Australia wide and internationally, leading to a vast array of coveted support acts for the likes of DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash, Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike. His prowess in live DJ performances has also had eyes and ears pinned, with requests from such acts as Young MC, RA the Rugged Man and Paris Wells to back them up in live shows as well as trekking the country with Golden Era Records award winning MC ‘Briggs’ as his official tour DJ. 2015 has seen Dameza team up with Drummer Alf Jackson to bring a true live element to his show, exploring the depths of live remixing and video manipulation teamed with impressive percussive elements.
    With an insatiable urge to stay a cut above the rest, Dameza sounds rings out worldwide and the best is surely yet to come.