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Finatik N Zac (FnZ) is an Australian production duo; consisting of Michael “Finatik” Mulé and Isaac “Zac” Deboni.[1] One of 2015’s BMI Urban/R&B top producer award winners

 We moved to the US in 2011. We’d been making music together for years before that, then we moved to Miami and signed a publishing deal with a producer named Jim Jonsin over there.

: Dazastah from Downsyde helped mentor me a little bit for a good one or two years. He had me scratching on Drapht’s album and doing cuts here and there. He [Dazastah] was showing me how to use FL Studio at the time; showing me how to manipulate samples and program drums. I was doing that with those guys but I was soaking in everything I was learning from Dazastah in terms of making beats. His drums were crazy. And I was like ‘ah my drums sound like shit compared to his!’