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Founding member of 1200 Techniques

Peril – Jason Foretti – grew up in Melbourne, he started b-boying when he was 12, in… 1982-1983. I would say Peril was at the beginning of this graffiti and breakdancing movement. He was “the famous kid” among DJ’s and producers. From age 12 he was fully involved in the scene, had fully developed techniques in graffiti and was a part of many crews. He had their names in his tags… Him and his brother Simon – Kemstar – were into it. This was hip-hop in Melbourne in the 80’s, it was all about graffiti and breakdancing.
Peril loved music, he started to buy records and make his own tapes, producing his own beats, DJ’ing–  just embracing the culture, every part of it! It was at the time, when people around the world embraced hip-hop and became the children of it.
I didn’t know who Peril was yet. At 17, when I finished high school, I moved to Melbourne. There was a venue called Evelyn, I’d go there, because I could get a few free beers, meet some people and rap. I loved rapping, I used to be in a freestyle band, I even have already recorded an album with my bros by the time I was 17, some tripped out world music hip-hop. But it never got released. Peril heard about us – me and my brother Kabba– and we met him in Evelyn. He was always FRESH, tracksuit and a gold chain on. Nothing changed, even now he dress fresh. He was a cool dude. Even if he was 9 years older than me, we vibed and formed a connection. I was used to being around people older than me, my brother is 6 years older, so it wasn’t a problem for me. We started hanging out, he gave us some beats. Those beats were  little “too” hip-hop for me, I was more into world music and “other” sounding stuff then. I didn’t want to do what was done in New York or L.A. at that time, I wanted to create my own thing,  make it more “African”. A couple of his tracks started to get to me, I started rapping on them, sending my ideas to him, finally we recorded something on a 4-track… Or was it 8-track?
From there it was: “Hey, we should go to my mate Danny’s studio and record it properly. We started laying tracks down bit by bit, Peril and my brother would give me suggestions. We then started gigging a little, Peril was a DJ, and we rapped on some famous breaks, but also our own material. Later we started to get a little bit of notoriety, but then my brother wanted to go back to England… I was faced with a choice – keep working like my brother, or do this project which I started to enjoy. it was a very stressful and difficult situation. In the end my brother went back to London, I stayed. I’ve written the song called “Karma” while doing some chores in the house, also came up with the melody. We recorded a basic version with Peril. I’ve freestyled first 8-10 bars  – the same first bars of “Karma”. We sat on it for a while, while we were playing shows, and people were getting more interested…. Peril’s brother – also a b-boy and graffiti artist – got involved too. He was always playing the guitar, he was more into rock and blues and psychedelic music. 
– N’fa

Performed at Chill Factor with The AKA Brothers, The Rize & Tarkee, Eskapone, MC Que, NUI & Peril, DSA and Aswan.

Appeared on the Nodfather compilation released in 2003