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I have been D Jing since 1985. My First ever payed gig was @ my local roller skating rink (Skate-way Mt Gavatt). It was the only unlicensed venue in Brisbane @ that time with 1200’s and I knew @ an early stage of my d jing “career” that I should get to know them well. Then in 1989 it was confirmed that I knew the 1200’s well enough to win the Queensland Heat of the Australian D M C (wikeewikeewik). By the time I was 20 I had played in every nightclub in Brisbane and was a member of a 10 piece Funk/Rock outfit called US and the BEAT

DJ Dom Hogan presented the longest running electronic music show on Australian radio. Creative Alternative Techno on PBS FM from 1993-2011. He was a major musical influence to the early Earthcore parties and Dom is constantly twisting them up in dodgy warehouse parties all around Melbourne. A bit of a Johny come lately to The Rainbow Serpent parties but has done a chill thing with those guys for the last few years. Dom was honored to be the first DJ to play “the prayer for peace” in Melbourne at the first Earthdance party many years ago and has played along side some of the greats blah blah blah lick lick lick. He has also released 3 full length Albums and one ep as one half of the very mysterious and psychedelic music out fit called Lumukanda through the legendary Melbourne electronic music label Psy-Harmonics, toured Europe back in day, and so has bummed around with those types since Psy’s conception. Dom is also really bad at writing his own bio’s and talking about himself as the third person so is going to stop now.
All you got to know is that I’ll take you on a journey and you will leave the main frame for a while.

LumuKanda were one of the original Psy-Harmonics signing’s in 1993 with their debut album ‘Araglin’ and 12” release ‘Red, Black & Mellow’. Both releases received rave reviews in Australia and overseas and as a result LumuKanda were licensed to European label KK/Nova Zembela and American label Restless Records.

The following year saw LumuKanda along with Psy-Harmonics artist Zen Paradox embark on an extensive live tour of Europe and the UK, including legendary Megatripolis night at London’s ‘Heaven’, Fuse in Belgium, Mazzo in Amsterdam, & PopKom(Germany) with the ‘Psychic Warriors of Gaia’. Their unique live shows gained enormous respect from the international press and public.

In 1995 LumuKanda released a European only CD ‘Everything Must Go’ on Nova Zembla (Belgium) and 1996 released ‘Banteer’, the along awaited sequel to ‘Araglin’ on Psy-Harmonics, and in 2002 released ‘That was Zen -This is Tao’ on Karelia Records (Finland).

While LumuKanda admit to being influenced by the many folk styles, from techno, breakbeat, dub and trip hop to world sounds and right through to jazz and rocknroll, they adhere to no set strategy as they break away from the stylistic constraints adhered to most electronic music. Their sound reflects the growing world awareness of the destructuralisation of our cultures.