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Young Dos is a rapper/producer residing in Brisbane. His debut single Jericho from the EP Dying Fire was released in January 2018, followed by the EP soon after. Since then he has focused on refining his sound and developing an energetic live presence. His most recent release Wingspan, came out on the 6/9/18.

Residing in Brisbane by way of New Zealand, Dos Dos is a self-produced rapper who delivers raw and often introspective lyrics over instrumentals characterised by ethereal synth sounds and gritty, trap-influenced drum patterns.

Under the pseudonym Young Dos, Dos Dos released his debut EP Dying Fire in February 2018 while attempting to develop a signature sound. The following 12 months saw a run of live shows across a multitude of Brisbane’s venues which served as a testing ground for Dos Dos to experiment with different styles as a performer and establish himself as a live act.

Singles Wingspan and Starlight/Energy gained national airplay towards the end of 2018 after which Dos Dos entered a period of establishing independent label Deep Lvl, and experimenting with new sounds and styles of music.

October 2019 signals the beginning of a new era for Dos Dos as he prepares to release the result of nearly a year of creating behind closed doors.

Brisbane rapper/producer.