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down4thecause is a self-made hip hop artist who grew up in Lismore, on the NSW coast. down4thecause during his early, definitive years had little to no exposure to what was designed to become his life’s passion and mission; hip hop music. Learning through trial and error, by going with one’s instinct, and just giving it all he got, down4thecause learned how beat and rhyme interact and react to each other to produce that distinctive hip hop sound.

down4thecause moved to Brisbane in 2010 and released his debut EP ‘Let The Music Play’ under his former name Profecy, the release received over 4,000 downloads and it took his music across the country where he performed alongside Thundamentals, Illy and M-Phazes.

In 2013 he dropped ‘The Arrival’, a 10-track mixtape that garnered positive reviews from music critics labeling him as one of the most promising emcees in the country. In August that year down4thecause was sentenced to 4 months in prison.

After many tough years, down4thecause bounced back with his EP ‘The Release’ distributed by Obese Records. ‘The Release’ encompassed youthfulness in the most adept way possible; the anger, the unrequited emotions, the frustration and bliss, the bittersweetness of life, are all found in condensed form on this EP.

The year is 2019 and down4thecause is currently building momentum and releasing singles for his forthcoming album ‘The Fifth Vital Sign’.


The Fith Vital Sign’ is the pain scale doctors use when they evaluate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. down4thecause explains “I’ve got 10 songs and I’m using that scale to define each one. The EP starts off enjoyable and easy-going and gets darker as the songs go by, as the EP progresses I’ll be expressing more painful songs with emotions drawn from traumatic life experiences”. He plans to create a diverse album with a solid concept behind it. Everyone experiences pain in different ways and this album is a deep-dive into the mind of someone that has dealt with many types of pain over the years and how he’s tried to deal with it.

down4thecause is an unstoppable, emerging voice in the Australian hip-hop scene, with an innovative approach to creating; he has a natural presence on the mic and a flow that is vibrant and compelling. He has a gift for phrasing and dynamics with songwriting that goes deep, with stories of pain and trauma and inspirational songs that leave a lasting impact on the listener.

With signs down4thecause has been perfecting his craft for a long time; this is an artist worth paying close attention to