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Hudson Taylor, Conor Ewing-Crellin, Aaron Cross and Geordie Rhodes


Water is a necessity for all living creatures, including a very exhausted and dehydrated Conplex and Syd-G while they were on a bender. When else would it be best to come up with a name for your future company, rap group and hopeful label than on a bender? Also, to be frank without trying to be too arrogant, we want our music to be as important as water is to people, if our music can help someone survive something that they feel they couldn’t have done alone, then mission accomplished. We are here to quench that thirst that everyone has, that thirst for connection and love. Drank Water.

Well we are made up of 4 artists, who all have a deep passion for the music they make and a deeper respect for the craft. We seek to touch people with our music, move them in ways they have never been moved before, forcing them to challenge themselves while preaching a general message of positivity. Transforming lemons to Lemonade.

We love all forms of art, and we want to have a platform where we can give other artists who are in the same position we are in now a helping hand so to speak.
A space for artists to be able to share their work and not feel tied down to what a label wants from them, or what they are being told will ‘sell’.

We also really want to help provide aid to countries in need of water eventually, as its a necessity in life and some people still don’t have access to clean water, which is very sad but also just not acceptable. It is a basic human right. We understand that this can be a difficult task, but once we are properly set up and have done some more research, it’s definitely a really important goal of ours.