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A reverently irreverent intellectual of deep feels and deep thoughts. Early Bird MC is, is a provocative and edgy status quo buster, with a relatable down to earth style. Expressing an Inspirational perspective, with conscious philosophical musings on popular culture and political illusion, delivered in easily digestible bite size portions. Bon Appetit!

Perth local hip-hop artist Early Bird MC is a fun-loving lyricist with a unique style that is optimistic and uplifting. Being inspired by the greats of hip-hop, this is reflected in his cadence and flow with profound rhyme schemes and lyrical content. From meaningful and serious to funny and light-hearted Early B’s music is diverse and he loves to take his listeners on a journey through each song and album. After releasing his first two EP’s in 2017 that would later be combined to create the Ways Of A Wordsmith compilation in 2019, Early B has been working hard to produce his new concept album titled Ultra-trusim set for release in June 2020. Early B has been organising live hip-hop shows in the last year at The Sewing Room, as well as collaborating with numerous artists and professionals to bring you a string of releases over the first half of 2020. Expect multiple singles and music videos coming your way in the lead up to the release of his new album Ultra-trusim.