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The trio started making music while still in high school, in their home studio on East Avenue in Adelaide – hence the name. Once they graduated, they put forward their best tools to fine tune their sound and direction, while recruiting help from local mates like Tigerilla.

EAST AV3 have found a middle ground between old school hip hop and that new wave energy, and give a hard nod to the likes of Brockhampton and RL Grime.

“EAST AV3 make hip-hop you can’t help but tap your foot to. Dashes of pop, indie and electronica are all blended into their sound, while the trio have collaborated with acts as varied as rapper Raj Mahal and vocalist Georgia Alice. With the trio comprised two rappers (Kane Trop3z and SENSEI) alongside producer Nic Flare, their combined talents allow them to create songs that are convention-busting and refreshingly unique. So fun, so fresh.”