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Since entering the scene as Arks in 2009, Alex Danger, now known as ELEJI has consistently impressed with his unique and enthralling flow and wordplay with beats to match. Hailing from inner-city Melbourne, Eleji rides the line of old-school and new waves along with his creative collective, Hien Mytee Entertainment. Between his energetic live-shows and sheer presence on the microphone, it’s no wonder the young 23-year-old has had the spotlight on him since a young age.

However having recently taken a year off the stage to focus on his album, he states: that “Next year’s shows are going to be mental in comparison to past live sets. I’m really excited to up the ante and show people what we’ve been working on”. In the past he has played hundreds of live shows including supports for Bliss N Eso, Illy, Thundamentals, Drapht, The Funkoars, Allday, Ivan Ooze and Dirty Dike (UK), as well as selling out his own debut EP, “The Ugly Side” (2015) launches back to back, this attests to the volume of energy the St-Kilda born emcee plans to bring to his debut LP planned for release in 2018.

Returning briefly in 2017, Eleji, highlighting his names origins gave us “Love Never Dies” – A ballad for those we’ve lost. Followed by hard-hitting singles such as “Paranoid” produced by the talented BRANFORD, about trusting your intuition and not letting naysayers gaslight you, and the infectious, hard-hitting “2 AM In The Future” featuring fellow Hien Mytee artist SOL BISHOP.

Alex Danger reminds us with his upcoming project “The Alex Danger Tapes” (Out Late February ) that Eleji is only half the show, and there’s a lot more to come in 2018.