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Element Crew is made up of 3 MC’s and beat makers. Predominantly Hip Hop, the trio infuse other genres like Soul and Jazz into their sound.

  • Band Members
    Versa, RizOne, MOGz ‘the beat maker’
  • The Element Crew formed in 2003. At this time the trio were studying sound engineering together at SAE in Sydney, Australia, where they learned their craft. Many more years passed as the 3 members of Element Crew stayed solid and wrote over 100 unreleased songs.
    Marcus A.K.A. MOGz’The Beat Maker’ lives between Sydney and London and draws a lot of inspiration from these places, which you will hear in the beats he creates. Raphael A.K.A. V3r5a lives in St. Moritz and has Swiss, Indian and Australian roots. V3r5a is a conscious lyricist with great tone and effortless flow. Finally there is David A.K.A. RizOne, from Sydney city, he has a distinctive Aussie flow and is a great battle MC, RizOne is the 3rd Element in this soulful, eclectic blend which is the Element Crew. The three Elements have spent many years perfecting their sound, they released their Début album, ‘The End of the Beginning’ in 2013. They have been working hard on their second studio album which will be released mid 2015…. Stay connected..
  • – MOGz is the main beat maker in the duo. He is a talented composer and also a well-rounded vocalist providing soulful melodies along with inspiring raps.
  • VERSA is known for laying down elevating rhymes, with a unique tone & flow. He is also an audio purist when it comes to production and engineering.