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Emph N Treats are an Australia hip hop duo that have been destroying stages an opening minds for over 12 years now. Their high energy live set not only has you jumping through the roof but they have a great message and stay close to the roots of hip hop.
Originally from the Sunshine Coast, now on the Gold Coast, the 2 MC’s Emphasize and Treats met as teenagers and have built a friendship ever since that has forged an unmistakable bond and connection, they are often mistake for brothers just by the way they know eachother inside out. This is what makes them so captivating when they perform because it is almost as if two twin brothers are finishing eachothers sentences and know exactly what the other is always thinking.
With countless mixtapes under their belts and opening supports for acts like Phfat, Mathas, Blaq Poet, Slaughterhouse (to be rescheduled) and The Outlawz (to be rescheduled) , Emph N Treats are showing the world they are a force to be reckoned with.
With world class freestyle capabilities you will often find these two, having an entire party in hysterics, requesting topics to rhyme about, with their freestyles. They not only know exactly how to put on a show but to leave other MC’s quiet and in awe of their unmistakable chemistry and synchronicity.
After a two year hiatus, with Emphasize touring Europe with his other hip hop group Wreckinsile the two reunited in late 2015 to put some serious work together.
After recruiting well established Gold Coast drummer (Fishy) and Brisbane DJ (Jacko) the group are now ready to take over the world with their music and have never been so driven to offer an unforgettable performance.
Whether they are rocking to a sold out show or to a private party Emph N Treats never disappoint and bring an unrivalled energy that Aussie hip hop has been dying to see.
Emph N Treats also host the hip hop show on and have created quite a buzz with their insight into hip hop and their taste in music.
They are currently working on their debut LP and will be touring the East Coast of Australia, NZ and back to Europe in the next 12months, these guys just wont stop.
They live and breathe hip hop and with the majority of their influences being from the golden era, 90’s, they have a great message to offer that will make you both move and think.
Keep a sharp eye out for these two, they will be on the world stage soon, already considered the amongst most lyrically talented in Australia.
After a national Australian tour at the end of 2016 ‘The Driving Force Tour’ with Brisbane legend Masterwolf, the boys are in the studio again working on two releases that will be out later in 2017! Hard work always pays off and Emph N Treats have an unstoppable work rate.
Band Members
-Treats (MC)
-Emphasize (MC, Producer)
-Jackal (DJ, Producer)
-Fishy (Drummer)