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Confronting by nature, Evan the Evolve is accustomed to turning heads and getting people talking. Thought-provoking lyrics and deft style are witness to his long-term involvement as a Hip Hop artist.

‘Evolve’, as he is also known, was prevalent in the Australian hip hop scene throughout the 2000s, until 2011 when he halted his musical ambitions to focus on family and personal commitments.

Back in 2005 Evolve released his collaborative EP alongside good friend Mids One, entitled Prozac for Pimps, which featured the fierce production of renowned Adelaide beatmakers Trials (A.B. Original) and Bdeps (Mindfield). Then in 2009 Evolve released his debut LP entitled The Dirt Merchant, which featured Mortar (Clandestien), Conseps (Adroit Effusive) and K21 (Golden Era Records), and a host of other talented locals that had listeners asking for more. Now he is back, almost a decade later, with a more mature and polished sound to match his personal progression as an artist.

2019 sees Evolve release his resounding new single Skyfall, followed by the yet to be released show-and-prove banger Jordan Maxwell (featuring Manaz Ill) With more on the cards from Evolve in 2020, he is hitting the ground running with more grit than ever before. Keep an ear in on this.