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BVA (Mnemonic Ascent) & Funkwig (Fat Pockets & Social Change)
from Adelaide

“The actual community in Australian music is pretty tight knit. If you see somebody at a show you generally end up hanging out. I guess it comes through that,”

“We’ve just been working together so long. Funkwig is an amazing musician, he plays basically anything he picks up. He’s basically one of those characters. I guess I’m the digger and machine head producer,” deNorthwode says.

“I come from picking out really good records and not looping them up, but really getting in there with the machine and altering them. I’m from that school. He’s very organic. He’s an amazing live player. He’s really in his element when he comes out and players. Just that meeting of different sorts of approaches as well [works].”

“We’ve been working together for a fair while. But that record from conception [took] about two or three years. We’d been playing a lot and doing gigs as a band with a couple of those songs, so I guess that’s what it stems from. We were getting a great response from doing these shows and thought ‘ok, let’s just put this all together’. We spend a lot of time producing for other people and doing other production. I have another group and so does Funkwig. We spend a lot of time on other projects as well. This has been on the backburner until Crookneck said ‘let’s make this happen now’ and we just jumped straight in it,” he said.


F&d;, short for Funkwig & deNorthwode, is an Adelaide production duo consisting of (funnily enough) Funkwig (Social Change, and bass player in many Adelaide bands) and deNorthwode (production alter ego of B.V.A from Mnemonic Ascent). Their production, both individually and together, has featured on albums by Lazy Grey and Brothers Stoney, Brad Strut, Muphin, and of course Mnemonic Ascent. Hot off the tail of Mnemonic Ascent’s The Books Full, F&d; have put together an impressive debut album of their production, featuring B.V.A and guests on the mic.

F & D







Featured on Sub-Urb-An Files Vol.1