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In the heart of the streets 6K is where Figuero Jones was formed. He wanted a grammy so he’s in the game now. Taught himself how to engineer and produce, the rest followed like God’s plan. The rapper/producer started his journey in the AUS hiphop scene not too long ago and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. Figuero, alongside a few other artists and creatives from the 6K then proceeded on a mission to develop the movement in their city and been about it ever since. His music heavily revolves around this mission and the dynamics it brings into his own life and the people/environment around him. From doing shows all around the city throughout the year to recording his last breath on a track, Jones is about perfect imperfections and high quality; in turn giving you nothing but the best.
Extremely hands on with every project, FJ loves to create, whether its coproducing or starting from scratch. “Plateau” his first track was entirely self produced under the producer handle “AudioEscobar” so if you see these two names anywhere just know its the same person. This track landed him a spot in the city’s crowd vote competition as his first live show and came out of it 2nd in place. After a streak of shows; FJ dropped his debut mixtape “Huslteman Sound” which featured some of the city’s best. This tape featured a banger called “Rogue” that took over the city and beyond with its crowd screamer hooks and catchy melodies. He was then drafted to feature as one of the 11 chosen for WVS’ NEXT GEN 2018, he performed live in Melbourne for the very first time with Black Napoleon and ErikiBeatz accompanying him onstage. Jones recently dropped a collab mixtape titled “K9 In the 6K” with Sowdy; which is a love letter to the city of 6K and was released recently on Valentine’s Day. All this happening in less than a year, he is just getting started.
With plenty more music yet to come Figuero Jones is on his way to being one of AUS hiphop’s brightest artists in the making. So definitely keep an eye out for him and his team. Stay woke.