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FWC is an electronic/hip-hop project based on the east coast of Australia. They fuse slick electronic grooves with live samples/instrumentals to bring bass-heavy, melodic beats to move dancefloors. MC’s Jesta, Draw and Pryde deliver bone-crushing rhymes and vocal rhythms, weaving stories and metaphors into a vivid modern social commentary which delves deeply into the Australian underground scene and subcultures.
Band Members

Da Beats!

Aleks Zablotskii (Zabowski)
Max Spackman (oJae)
Michael Keza (Tabula Rasa)

Da Rhymez

Pryde – Lucas Bowden
Draw – Mitch Ward
Jesta – Jeremy Bowden

Home Town
Sin City & The City of Kings
Record Label
Strange Physics
Part of the SoothSaiyan Syndicate

Why the name?

I’ve even been told more than once to change the name. And to that, we say FUCK THAT.

We are not some thuggish crew of delinquents, in fact, we are some of the chillest motherfuckers out, and the first to show love and acceptance to strangers or friends. That’s why we are together. Because we agree on this idea, and have helped each other grow as artists and people by holding each other to it.

But in this STATE. In this country at large even. We are being criminalised. Criminalised for even attending music festival events in which our art and culture is allowed to flourish and inspire. Criminalised for the recreational use of cannabis or god-forbid, a pinga or some mind altering psychadelic or positive community experience that makes you question your meaningless working life and existence for even a quasi-second… interrupting the flow of business for lobbyists pulling the strings of government as you question further your role as a cog in the machine.

This sounds conspiratorial, but its probably more like hyperbole. There is no evidence to equate this disproportionate focus on the music and festival scene as a source of drug-related deaths, or to marginalise our community. But now, we are all criminals in the eyes of our government. It’s clear by the way we are being treated, and the way our art community is being crushed.

Vote this government out. If you love art and music.

We aren’t changing the name until we no longer feel like criminals for participating in music events in our own country. Even then we probs won’t. But ask again then, perhaps.