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Melbourne based hip-hop quartet with hints of jazz and psychedelia.

Flimsey Lohan is made up of four friends who make music together because its a fun way to pass the time. The style is a convergence of the members different tastes, blended together to produce this sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes serious, but always kind of weird sound that they hope stands them out from the rest of the pack. You would describe their sound as hip-hop/jazz.

The group is a collaboration between MC Moom$, keyboardist Oliver Westaway, and Foreign/National band members Rhys Grunden and Sean Gage. Recently they have invited former Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! vocalist and guitarist, David Williams to help round out the sound of their EP ‘Dolphin Puppy,’ which is available to stream or download online, through all notable services.

They plan to release more music in 2019, or even perhaps later on this year – you never know your luck in a big city.