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Melbourne born and bred and raised on a diet of traditional hip hop both local and abroad, Force has been steadily building as an artist since his 2009 debut album Clouded, which featured Maundz, Hunter (RIP), A-diction and more. From there it was evident that a respect for the art form reigned true. It’s now 2013 and whilst nothing has changed in the respect for the pioneers, the sound Force is bringing certainly has. After forming Down For The Count Records and releasing a slew of crew products, Force has now teamed up with Jacki Onassis producer Zarkov (Raph) to release a genre bending album that takes listeners on a journey of effortlessly blended hip hop with an aggressive electronic driven edge. All whilst maintaining the gritty, raw, flow driven style Force has become known for. Alongside Force the album features some of Australia’s best hip hop artists from the stables of Born Fresh, Crate Cartel, Obese Records, Broken Tooth Entertainment and Down for The Count Records. Tommy Illfigga, Sparts, Fluent Form, Fraksha, Dialectrix, Sinks, Muph, Mol One, Baptist, Pompei and Deece all join in to deliver a truly unique listening experience. JULY 26th 2013 release date.