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sounds like
Mind Over Matter, Jackie Onassis, Illy, Remi, Dylan Joel, Allday, Chance Waters, Bastian Killjoy, Bam Bam

band members
David Fubex – MC

Bliss n Eso, Remi, Jackie Onassis, Allday, Bam Bam, Mind Over Matter, Dylan Joel

unearthed artists we like
Chance Waters, Seth Sentry, THORTS, Akouo, Drakezilla, Mind Over Matter, BACKYARD FUNK, Tenfold, Dunn D, CityWide, Primary Source, 3to2, ILLZILLA


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This is one of Australia’s hard working MCs in the Australian Hip Hop scene, been around for over a decade now. I had been the 33rd MC to be called into 360’s “Australian Hip Hop Rappertag”. Started MCing back in early 2003 on the open mic and the battle circuit lasting upto mid 2007 and had my last dance in any MC battles in 2011. In early 2007 I’ve released my debut album “Upcoming” only to feature DJ Flagrant on the cuts. It was in late 2010 I’ve released my sophomore album “The Next Chapter” featuring more artist like Tenfold, Wyldcard, 1/6, Adzwan and Down Pat with DJ Relik and DJ Denno on the cuts. From early 2012 is the time I start commencing my works on my third album without any suggestions of the album title yet. This will mainly be a help through a handful of Australia’s acoutics Hip Hop artist. I have previously performed with acts like Bliss n Eso, TZU, Pez n 360, Mantra, Mind Over Matter, Dialectrix, Seth Sentry, Motley and Psyde Projects. I am currently known for all the tracksuits I wear while on stage as an alternative to any form of Hipster trends like skinny tight jeans, singlets three times the size and flat caps. I obtain absolute no interest in sports apart from snowboarding and breakdancing as the tracksuits I wear makes me look like a sport minded person. ‘ The only time I ever perform in jeans will be at The St. Kilda’s Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne, it’s real baggy as it was for skaters and Hip Hop heads back in 2000. Plus I am known for a spectrum of adult Autism and has Asperger’s Syndromes.