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Gabreal is a 24 year old solo Hip Hop artist who raps about life, Pain, Love & Fun, Topics that our everyday people can relate to. He is Based In Western Sydney (Originally Born In East Africa, South Sudan).
He started making music as a teenager after being inspired by his Father who is a guitarist.
In 2010 after finishing High school, Gabreal released his Debut Mixtape THE UNDERDOG MIXTAPE VOL:1 featuring Sony Act Miracle and NJE. The Mixtape did over 700 free downloads online.
In 2013, he put out his 2nd Mixtape “THE UNDERDOG VOL:2 ” featuring Big Village Record Acts, “True Vibenation”. The Mixtape did over 1000 downloads online and also landed him his first radio Interview. Following the success of his two Singles “The Return” and “Africa ” which were played in Sydney Radio stations such as Hard Classic Radio 107.3Fm, Koori Radio 93.7Fm, Radio Skid Row 88.9Fm, alive 90.5Fm and Melbourne Radio J-Air. This Mixtape also Gave Gabreal his first support act Opening For International Act “Kid ink” in sydney’s Max Watt’s.
In 2014 Gabreal dropped “THE UNDERDOG VOl:3” and self funded his first headline national tour playing 5 cities, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. With nothing stopping his grind, his continued work flow landed him more openings to support huge International Acts such as JA Rule, LA COKA NOSTRA and DR. Jose Chameleone, .
In 2015 Gabreal Started off the year Opening up for International Act Freddie Gibbs at the Civic Underground and local shows at Halloween Parties staged at the “Goodgod small Club”, he then Played at The Annandale Hotel with Fortay At Large.
At the end of 2015 he was back in studio working on his Debut EP “Welcome to My Party” set to Drop in 2016 has recently been on the road touring with canadian Rapper Madchild as the support act doing Three dates at Newcastle, Sydney & Melbourne.

-Sydney based rapper Gabreal MC also arrived in Australia in 2004. He says he’s excited to be part of the Australian hip-hop culture at this point in history. He approaches the music business with a familiar do-it-yourself approach and sees the benefits of self-management.
“There were a few promoters that supported me from the start, but in this time of my career I do everything on my own – it’s easy like that,” he explains. “The music industry is different now  – everyone is doing it on their own. It’s indie grinding.”
Like a lot of his peers, Gabreal doesn’t rap in his language of birth, Dinka. He grew up in Australia and wants to speak to other Australians with his music. His aim is to get his music widely heard, and says the local scene is opening up more and more to artists like him.
“There are a lot of new acts coming out every day,” he says. “Music is easy to make now. Everyone can do it as long as you are willing to grind and work hard to get heard. There are new sounds in Australian hip-hop as everyone is just doing what they want to create. There are no more limits to making music.”
Giving other artists opportunities is something Gabreal also takes very seriously, which helps the community to grow. If he’s able to help out other artists by pushing them to radio and helping them get shows, then he will do it.
“There are a lot of younger upcoming artists from South Sudanese background – I’m proud to see big things happening. The most successful Australia South Sudanese is UV boi فوق بنفسجي – he’s out there doing sold out shows and is on every major Australian music festival.”
He’s very positive about where things are heading for himself as well.
“I have my own movement, 4EVER UNDERDOG, and I’m happy to see all types of people listening to my music,” he says in true entrepreneurial rapper fashion. “Sometime I’m amazed at my shows to see that many people coming.” –