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2006 is where it all began for me as a music producer/engineer, I enrolled and completed my certificate 3 in music production at SAE in Adelaide and from there i proceeded to start my music career.

After composing beats from the rawest of notes i began to forge my own style of sound over time and In 2007 i decided to test myself and enter a local competition with a friend and managed to win the local producer award which was a great experience.

I started my own independent label called “Ground Zero Productions” back in 2009 and spent a lot of time working with all different types of artist and smashing out some banging tracks but as time went on and i knew i had to move forward as trying to build my own studio and managing artists was to much for myself.

I experienced just bout everything you could as a underground hip hop producer but in 2012 i notice a local independent label called “Rare Find Records” doing big things for the local scene and i felt it was something i wanted to be apart of so i banged up a demo of all my material and with the help of a good friend i was able to arrange to drop the demo to the owner/founder.

The demo disc was successful and towards the end of 2012 i was staring down the barrel of 3 releases with my name to them, One of them being my debut instrumental album which was released through Rare Find Records on Jan 3rd 2013.

2014 and i now find myself working with the likes of Giantific Science, Smartmouths, Krosswerdz, Faser1 & The Sort After MC which is great to be working with such talented musicians but i also felt it was time to test my self once again but go a bit bigger, I entered the Akai Australasian Beatmaker Invitational and was selected for South Australia’s top 8 beatmaker shootout.

I pulled an impressive 2nd place for the competition and it has paved the way for bigger and better things to come and most importantly more good music to be created.

Rare Find Records.