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Grassroots Street Orchestra, have created a formidable reputation and a dedicated following with their captivating original sound and intense live performances. Their unique style is a potent mix of passionate and politically charged eloquent hip-hop lyricism, underpinned by exotic and progressive sounds from a jaw-dropping live instrumental lineup. Time Off called described them as “A thrilling and compelling ensemble with a slew of disparate influences and the intellect and artistry to unite them”, as well as naming them “one of the best hip hop outfits in Australia”. Standout festival performances at the likes of The Big Day Out, Roots Rap Reggae, Island Time/Vibe and The Pro-Show, huge shows supporting the likes of The Herd, Lyrics Born, Urthboy and many more, industry showcases, several east coast tours, a successful studio EP in 2007, and live EP in 2008 have just been the warm up… The debut album is now finished and slated for release in September 2010.

  • Grassroots Street Orchestra began as a jam band to fill a set at a small Gold Coast hinterland folk festival in early 2005, and quickly formed their unique sound blending Australian hip-hop with live, original and organic blues, roots, folk-rock and reggae.

    With six regular members playing guitars, bass, drums/percussion, harmonicas, violin and vocals, they might have seemed small for any kind of orchestra, but there was usually a handful of guest artists brought along to join in for some live jams and freestyle lyrics for a live show guaranteed to get your mind ticking with passionate lyricism, and your body moving with infectious folk-rock-hip-hop grooves.

    The band’s sound took a decisively more ‘experimental’ direction soon after the release of this EP, with a harder, darker and more complex vibe noticeable in later releases such as they’re 2009 Live EP, and the Singles ‘Fourth World War’ and ‘Constellations’ which were released in 2010 ahead of an album that was recorded, but never mastered or released when the band parted ways in 2010.