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Around 2007, Grifters Inc were Creatures of the Night. In 2009 they fell in love with Checkout Chicks, Bargirls and Goths. After touring nationally as supports and receiving mild radio play, they returned and threw all their weight behind the creation of Nostalgia Entertainment. During this time they completely revamped their live show, incorporating live band Tandem Run and DJ Faint One to produce a captivating, unique experience. Grifters Inc have announced their next EP will be titled “Where Were You When The Fun Stopped?” and promises to be another eyebrow-raisingly honest insight into their development as musicians and humans. As producer Kast works with a variety of Nostalgia artists in the studio, rapper Trumps took on a project entitled 7inSeven – Vol I – “A Week’s A Long Time In Music”. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Trumps wrote and recorded, from scratch, one track per day for a week, and it is available for free download at