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Born from the depths of loneliness HARRY FOX is an enigmatic project ducking and weaving through the lighter and darker shades of modern dance and hip-hop music. After countless hours slaving away in his studio channeling experiences of triumph and failure into his music, FOX’s beats deliver on all fronts. FOX joined forces with the likes of Donny Casper, Sophie Bridges and Forbes John for a successful number of singles in 2017. The team from the online niche music hub Purple Sneakers sung FOX’s praises commenting “what remains consistentis the absolute power FOX fashions into all of his work” and ‘Circles’ is no different.

‘Circles’ marks the first release of the year for FOX and is the title track for his forthcoming EP due for release later in the year. ‘Circles’ is an insight to FOX’s modern beat making with dark, bass-driven lows and eerie synths. ‘Circles’ is another track to put FOX on the map as he slowly racks up an impressive CV of production and remix credits under his own name. Feature artist Attila Mora comments that it’s a new style for him – “I was yet to work on a collaboration before HARRY FOX sent me this dark and cagey beat that truly transformed me. I began writing lyrics from the perspective of an alter-ego, someone twisted and deceitful who destroys everything in his path to get what he wants. I want these lyrics to empower women who might feel trapped in a relationship, to remind them that it’s ok to walk away.”

‘Circles’ began a long time ago, before HARRY FOX was even an idea FOX comments – “It was some chords and melodies I’d written about cyclical, toxic heartbreak and I needed a vocalist with a unique voice to complement the dark production. After a long, painstaking search I found Attila Mora on Triple J Unearthed and loved the murkiness of his voice and the emotion that he brings with it. We started working back and forth on the vocals, and I loved the sultry imagery he brought to the table with his lyrics. He nailed it. After the song existing as a demo in so many different versions and formats for so long, I’m so happy that it’s come together.”