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Trio from South Australia. Formed in 1991. Released first EP in 1997. Members are Suffa, Pressure ; Dj Debris ( formerly included Dj Next )

“Even some of the most established Australian crews admit they’ve been treated with contempt in the past.”

MC Suffa (Matt Lambert) of the Hilltop Hoods still bristles when he recalls Cypress Hill’s attitude when the Hoods supported them on the Australian tour.

“Cypress were arseholes, I didn’t like them at all,” the 28-year-old says.
“They were completely dismissive of the Australian scene.”

Then again, Suffa admits that during the Hoods’ early days he was equally sceptical about their chances and certainly never believed that he could make a living from hip-hop.

“It never even crossed my mind,” he says. “We knew our limitations. We were Aussies doing hip-hop and there wasn’t a market for it in the country at the time. We were just doing it because we loved it.”

appeared on the compilation Culture Of Kings Volume 1

The Calling entered the ARIA Albums Chart in March 2004 and reached No. 53 before exiting the top 100 in September of the same year.[12][13] By December 2006 it was certified platinum for shipment of 70,000 units,[14]becoming the first Australian hip hop album to achieve platinum status. In March 2012, it re-entered the chart and peaked at No. 50 – eight-and-a-half years after its first release.[15] It featured two singles, “The Nosebleed Section” and “Dumb Enough“, which were listed in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2003. “The Nosebleed Section” was ranked No. 17 in the Triple J Hottest 100 of All Time in 2009. Hilltop Hoods’ chart and commercial success was a turning point in the Australian Hip Hop scene because it demonstrated widespread support for the genre that reached beyond an underground fan base.
In 2006, Hilltop Hoods released their third single from the album, “What a Great Night”. The video shows the group at a club with camera shots panning up and down to reveal a new location. It used special effects and is one of the most expensive video clips for an Australian hip hop group, mirroring the group’s rise in success and popularity.

Hilltop Hoods – ‘The Anthem’
The definition of a classic for us. Production, cutsm and rhymes light years ahead of their time. Hearing records like this coming out of my back yard is the reason I started taking our bullshit a little more seriously. – Funkoars

Featured on Culture of Kings Volume 1 released in 2000 on Obese Records

Featured on 15.Oz Vinyl – 15 Years Of Australian Hip-Hop On Vinyl released in 2004 on Crookneck Records

Appeared on the 2005 Documentary Film Skip Hop Vol 1 Released on Rubber Records