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a western Sydney community hip hop project directed by Morganics and Urban Theatre Projects in 1995. ‘Hip Hopera’ was a watershed for Sydney hip hop, and SWS
subsequently won a Deadly Award in 2003, shortly before they broke up.

So when Guy Rundle asked Goldsworthy to write some songs for him for a cabaret show, Goldsworthy took up the challenge. The result includes a playful piece of hip-hop that includes the lines: “I have a plank for your chasm, I have plasm for your spasm, If you bring the eggs, I’ll supply the jism. If you brings the org, I’ve got the asm.” Chorus: “Sex ism sex isn’t, Sex ism, sex isn’t.” (From┬áHip Hopera.)

Featured Ebony Williams at age 15.

“One local attempt to combine rap and high culture was ‘Hip Hopera’, an Australia Council-funded community project run in 1996 by the theatre group Death Defying theatre with young people in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. This managed to unearth a number of new teenage and pre-teen rap posses, including some of mixed Aboriginal and Lebanese origin, whose work was showcased on an album entitled Danger. The result was then toured around schools and community centres in the Western Suburbs. This was in many ways a synthetic project based on workshopping rap music with suburban kids, and had a community theatre orientation which conflicts with some local rappers’ concept of hip hop. ” – Tony Mitchell