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Released in 1997

DJ Ransom Tribute To Scratching
DJ Sing & Mark Walton Ft. MC Sereck – Plananattack
Fuglemen – Resuscitate
Brethren – Slingshot
Raised By Wolves – Rock For You
Fathom – Winter Of Our Discontent
Womb-Mind-Speak – Aliens Eyeview
Moonrock – Ill Street Blues


Through XXL/MDS came two local compilations in the mid-90s. “Homebrews” came at a time when larger independent events had started to happen and there was a real sense of momentum building, something that has really only kicked into tangible effect since 2000. Volume 1 of “Homebrews” came out in 1995 with 11 tracks from the likes of Koolism, Groove Terminator, Raph and Ransom while the second installation came out in 1998. Womb-Mind-Speak (several of whom are now working with the Mother Tongues label), Sereck, Brethren, Fathom and DJ Ask made appearances. The majority of tracks were still fairly low-fi compared to what our producers are doing now. – Mark Pollard