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CD-only first volume of this compilation series put out by MDS. Inckudes tracks by Koolism, Mamas Funks, Wicked Beat Soundsystem, Raised By Wolves, Merma, Voodoo Flavour and more. EX condition. Released in 1995.
Former hip-hop radio DJ and music press columnist Miguel D’Souza begins his liner notes to the 1997
compilation Homebrewz vol. 2: A Potent Mix of Australian Hip-hop Flavour as follows: ‘perenially unsellable,
Australian hip-hop is a dim light at the margins of Australian music, a glow that has lasted for perhaps
up to fifteen years … real Australian hip-hop music and culture has become “invisible”, unable to be
separated from the mainstream hip-hop culture’. – Tony Mitchell


Through XXL/MDS came two local compilations in the mid-90s. “Homebrews” came at a time when larger independent events had started to happen and there was a real sense of momentum building, something that has really only kicked into tangible effect since 2000. Volume 1 of “Homebrews” came out in 1995 with 11 tracks from the likes of Koolism, Groove Terminator, Raph and Ransom while the second installation came out in 1998. Womb-Mind-Speak (several of whom are now working with the Mother Tongues label), Sereck, Brethren, Fathom and DJ Ask made appearances. The majority of tracks were still fairly low-fi compared to what our producers are doing now. – Mark Pollard