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Jimblah & Goji are super friends who make music from a place of ultra light beamingness.

Homeward Bound is what it means to be at home within the journey, that the journey is home.

The new & exciting duo are pushing boundaries both sonically & conceptually and are pretty much all time VIBES.

After taking a step back from the game while also having a break from his solo work, Jimblah began exploring what the possibilities could sound like working with Goji while also taking time to create a space to explore other sounds outside of Hip-Hop.

The importance of creating conceptual albums is reaching new heights, existing as a unique reaction to the ‘singles’ conquest. In traveling full circle, Homeward Bound delivers just this in their debut album ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic’. Tracing the narrative of Jimblah’s (Blah) journey in giving up on the music industry, (shortly after the release of his sophomore solo album, Phoenix), this album uncovers the next steps he navigated to arrive home.
Shifting through the weight of responsibilities he was faced with as an Indigenous artist, the darkness he ventured through and finally discovering the ultimate sanctuary in writing music as a duo, with his partner in music and life Georgia Humphreys (Goji).
Focus single, ‘I’m With You’ is a celebration of togetherness and the undying support of a relationship getting you through. Bringing together the creative duo’s striking vocals and shining a light on Blah’s seamless production, ‘I’m With You’ is the ultimate feel-good bop.
Addressing themes of acceptance, the tangles of mental health, and the power of love, ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic’ is a story of triumph over hardship. ‘The City’ sees Blah and Goji paying tribute to the city that shaped them, on ‘The Red Dust Plain’ Blah delves into Indigenous genocide and its unresolved aftermath, and on ‘Sing it’ we hear what freedom sounds like when you discover a way of shutting out the noise.
Out today, ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic’ was produced and mixed by Blah himself, further establishing him as a multifaceted artist. Paired with Goji’s striking vocals, providing a softness and calm, we are reminded that this project began as a reaction to loneliness and the potency of creative unity. This is what gives Homeward Bound a uniqueness like no other.
Homeward Bound explain, “We’re so excited for people to hear the album because we have come together in such a way that our essence and vibe combined brings out something no one has ever heard from us before.”
‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic’ is out today, through Elefant Traks.