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With roots laying deep in New Zealand to reaching her birth place of the west coast of Australia, Hoodzy flows through like the sea breeze between the two countries. The 17yo MC boasts the skills and passion of a veteran with the young girls steez energy.

At just 16, Hoodzy launched triple j’s new online series, Bars of Steel – showcasing her charm and confidence despite her little experience in the booth. From there, she performed her first ever gigs to sold out shows opening for Triple One, and played her first festival at Perth’s Listen Out 2019.

To put it simple and plain, Hoodzy best describes herself as

“17, female, gay, brown skin & chasing the same dream even if the odds are already against me. I’ll never be ashamed of who I am. The world is mine. If you’re rocking with me, all love is for ya’ll”