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Hoop Dogg a.k.a Hayley Hoopla is a Powerfully Unique Performer and Master of the Hula-hoop. Her dynamic stage presence is often referred to as a real life cartoon character. An innovator in her field, her quirky style blends hula-hoop with hip-hop, flamenco, swing-dance, booty-esque, clowning and even singing and rapping. She has performed across Europe and Australia, Oozing her cuteness all over the Parlour, (Woodford 2009) and Palace (Woodford 2012), The Spiegletent, Harvest festival 2012, Adelaide, Edinburgh and Melbourne Fringe. Hoopdogg has performed with Producers such as Spoonbill, Opiou, Million Buxx, Rapskallion, Miss Friby and The World’s Tallest Dj (UK). She is set to release her first EP with Million Buxx this October, which features the Hoopdogg theme song and Music Video Clip.