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Hot Cheddar is a Tasmanian based Producer/DJ hailing from Hobart’s Eastern Shore. Hot Cheddar began creating music as a young lad playing guitar and piano before moving his unique style into the digital side of music as he began messing with abelton and found a love for the versatility that can be found within electronic music.

In Early 2013, after years of experimenting with his own sounds, he and two old friends from primary school formed the Hobart based Hip-Hop group, ‘The Dirturtles’ and then went on to produce, mix and master the groups debut self release ‘the out of the shell EP’ and play their first of many shows at Marion Bay Falls Festival on the local stage. The three have since been very busy playing a variety of headline and killer support slots (Seth Sentry, Akouo, Cormega) whilst also finding time to record their second indepentent release, the Crossroads EP.

Hot Cheddar is renowned for his originality, with almost all of his beats and production being entirely from either his guitar, keyboard or just straight off the top off the noggin, a great example of a Hot Cheddar production is his work on the song ‘Back Then ft. Carla Cuzzucoli) by the Dirturtles, which is a signature acoustic/hip-hop vibe that Chedda loves to throw in the mix.

You can listen to more of Hot Cheddar’s stuff over at soundcloud and all reviews here on uneartherd are much appreciated!

“He can DJ your acid rave or serenade the family campfire with no more than six strings – there is not much the man can not do.” – Primitive Emcee, Dirturtles.