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Born in Wollongong, on the east coast of Australia in 1992. Ben has been on his grind for as long as he can remember. Or as he says it, “ever since day 1”! The child of two addict parents, that couldn’t resist the call of the street life, he had to grow up fast ; become self sufficient.

He’s seen things that would make most curl up in the fetal position, or end it all with a 44 bulldog to the temple. After both of his parents were sent to prison, One for attempted murder ; the other for bank robbery.

Huskii would finally get his chance to experience a somewhat normal life with his now deceased grandparents. Who he deems the (The Mad Ones) in his Aussie slang which I can only assume means the best folks in this world. In his short time with them, seeming like forever to a child, he spent his free time listening to old skool Eminem ; D12 ; with his mates spitting freestyles.To just cut the fat out. This guy knows the streets because he lived them, and at the young age of 23yrs old he has the dynamic ability to tell dramatic stories from his life. Stories told so creatively, so vividly that you’re engulfed into his life ; emotion as if you lived it yourself. Huskii Ben is the truth ; his music speaks for its self.

Which is how he caught the eye or should I say ear of (Heated Muzic’s) Tanqueray Locc. Spawning the collab track, “Brain Numb” over a Loop Goons instrumental ; the rest is history in the making!

Huskii is the only rapper that I listen to in Australia that can give me goosebumps. Listening to Huskii’s tracks is like looking at pieces of beautiful art. They’re timeless and so full of talent, it’s genuinely awe inspiring. – Lil Sknow