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There is something about the rapper known as HYKOO (AKA Lachlan Jones) you cant put your finger on. Trying to pigeonhole his style is near impossible. Think Eminem meets Sage Francis only Australian and drunk. HYKOO somehow blends all the qualities of a great rapper into one mysterious package. Intelligent, witty, deep, dark, satirical and street, HYKOO really is an exciting rapper. In 2003 HYKOO dropped his first release Pigeon Whole Hearted with his crew (Awakenings) through his own label Awakenings Records. HYKOO followed up with Rap Songs Meow in 04 with fellow crew member Osinaka, before featuring more recently on the Chasm E.P. and a barrage of guest appearance including tracks on FBI Presents, Stolen Records and Straight from the Art Vol. 2